Follow My Heart

      A living adventure by                       Frances Lawson



Wonderful news I want to share with all my readers and new ones to come...

Last year received a letter from the Ministere de l'Interieure informing me that I am now a French citizen. They made the decision in only 11 months of process which is truly rapid. I'm so appreciative of this honour and opportunity. I now also have my ID card and have applied for a French passport.

However it's by no means certain I can stay here in France as I don't have a permanent fulltime job and can't support myself but, hey at least I have achieved this part of my dream, following my heart despite the diffculties. The adventure continues...

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Snippets from the book...

"On the fourteenth day of April 2008 I came across a photo of a pleasant chap who seemed to be intelligent and interesting from his profile so I made an effort and wrote to him in French, telling him I would visit Paris in 2010. The next day I received a short reply back from him, offering me a place to stay whenever I chose to spend some days in Paris. His name was Nicolas, and so began a relationship which would have profound positive and deleterious effects on me. It would set in motion a new direction for my life, and a strange series of events I could not have predicted."  (from Chapter 1, Follow My Heart)

"There was a small group of French police on segways hanging around the market. I wondered what could be interesting about other people’s cast-offs. And there he was... surrounded by Secret Service men. Just another day at the markets with President Bill Clinton. French stall-holders were surprised but chuffed to see him. I became a stalking member of the Paparazzi. I got very close. He moved on so I jostled my way ahead. Then, near his official car, he stopped to say hi to some Americans and receive a hug. One said thanks for being our President. Why not, I thought.  I stepped forward, put my sunglasses on my head and waited for him to notice me." (from Chapter 6)

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