Follow My Heart

      A living adventure by                       Frances Lawson


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She's no antipodean Shirley Valentine: Survival is more serious

She's risking it all for a life in France

PARIS, France, 05 June 2014   Life-changing decisions can lead to dreams fulfilled and nightmares realized. Along the journey both the woman and a city will change forever. This new book shows what happens when a middle-aged New Zealand woman moves to France, against the odds, in search of a future.

Follow My Heart (2014, ISBN: 978-1496053749, US$14.95, US$4.99 available at  and Smashwords) follows her journey in search of self, love and a place to belong but the way is strewn with culture shock, an ex-gangster and challenging experiences, set against the backdrop of the beauty and history of France.

"I've always been a cautious person, but I felt driven to take this drastic step. It's as if I had no choice and was being pushed into every event by an unseen hand," says author Frances Lawson.

It's a story of hardships, loss, and naivety with hope gluing it all together. Sometimes dark, sometimes hilarious, it's an honest and intimate insight into the realities and consequences of following your dream. It includes information on moving to France for non-EU citizens, negotiating French administrative processes, surviving French men and exploring one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Readers are invited to stop dreaming and start planning their own adventures, but without rose-tinted spectacles.

Lawson, a communications and education specialist, brings her love of France and photography into a book intended to help dreamers and travellers negotiate the challenges of moving to a different culture.

Below you will find a slideshow of photos taken around France. Hover your cursor over the first photo and arrows will appear. Click the arrow at the bottom of the first slide to start things off.

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